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For the record, I do not hate FYN and I really wish them much luck and success. I hope they do well and stick to the ideology which is shared by many

So what would you believe? Please feel free to discuss your thoughts and beliefs with regards to Facebook, public interactions (vs private ones), gossiping and taking a stand.
Correction: Sunsport Gardens and FYN announced their events within read more...

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Si bien algunas personas aceptan el nudismo como derivado del naturismo (con creencias centradas en la naturaleza , el medio ambiente, la alimentacion

Al abrazar el nudismo, es probable que un individuo o un grupo experimenten reacciones tanto positivas como negativas de las diferentes comunidades. Cuando se practica el nudismo en la intimidad del hogar, en terreno, piscina, charca, o club priva read more...

12 months ago

Fkk Movement: More Approval, Less Body Shame

Body Shame And Nudism:
Body ShameIn Greco-Roman history, nudism was viewed as the perfect state, the pure state. The human body was viewed as elegant, beautiful,naked and divine. Nowadays, the only time we are allowed to be nak read more...

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British Naturism And The Young British Naturists

British Naturism and Young British Naturists
Young British Naturists - Excellent marketing for YBN as we hit UK breakfast TV displays On Day-Break We commonly make the point our subject matter can give us promotional opportunities that other g read more...

12 months ago

In Search of Sunlight at Terme Banovci in Slovenia

Terme Banovci - Slovenia Naturist / Nudist Center - In Vienna, Austria it was raining all the time (not ideal for nudism actions). The lucky break Gosia and I 'd on Kahlenburg was one of the few exceptions. She gave me a tarp which I instantly too read more...

12 months ago

For Those Who May Have Missed Our Recent Unclothed Events

Recent Unclothed Events:
1) Our 3rd Nude Night Out actually chill 'cause it was kind of chilly. But if we lease it again, warmer weather will allow it to be quite fine! And our friends brought glow in the dark nude body painting and hula hoops read more...

1 year ago

I can only describe as the most magnificent awareness of

Independence I 've ever felt inside my whole life!
fee and alive! It was just amazing to be nude
outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt great... so
comfortable I then ran into the ocean and swam. It
felt so fine to swim without